Black Belt Elite Marketing
  1. Use mobile-friendly templates
    Doing so is going to maximize the rate of opens and click-through. Your campaigns need to look good across all devices.
  2. Balance image size and text
    Images are extremely important for making the content more digestible for non-readers. The human brain has a short attention span, and you need to make your content very interesting and presentable if you want to compel the user to stay engaged. For that, make sure you consider how your text and image sizes look on a phone screen.
  3. Big fingers, big buttons
    Add big CTA buttons, to make it more convenient for the user to follow the links. One thing that will definitely bog down their experience is if you make them click a super tiny link with their thick fingers.
  4. Use Mobile-Ready Landing Pages
    Getting a user to click is only part of the process. You also want them to proceed with what your website is about. So, for that, you need to optimize the pages and make them as mobile-friendly as possible.
  5. Track usage
    You need to keep comprehensive reports on the results of your marketing techniques. You also need to know what works for you and what doesn’t. If you keep track of such information, you will be able to modify your campaigns the right way to get the best possible results out of them.

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A description of the project and the works presented.

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