Buyer Personas

Author: Austin Stanfel

Creating a Buyer Persona

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The Research Outlets You Should Pay Attention To

Making a buyer persona for your company calls for a lot of work and dedication. You may have an idea of who your target customer is already, but that doesn’t mean you know all the details. In fact, many people tend to miss out on important data simply because they make too many assumptions about their clientele.

 There are several ways that you can learn more about your target audience while you’re trying to build your buyer persona. Additionally, most of these methods are free or have very little charge! Plus, the information you’ll gain in return is sure more than make up for your spending in the long run.

Talk to Your Tech and Sales Departments

Before you start the process of creating fantastic buyer personas, you should make sure you’ve looked at the information that’s already available to you! This will come in the form of data that has been captured by your IT and Sales Departments. Ask both teams to look at the data they’ve pulled from past work. This should give you a general idea of what groups of people tend to naturally gravitate towards your product.

Reach Out to Your Current Customers

The next way you can add to your buyer persona is to personally reach out to your current customers. These are people who have already seen the worth of your product and will be able to share their unique perspectives! Prepare a quiz that can be taken by your customers that asks for detailed information regarding their purchases and their personal habits. Make sure your customers know you’re conducting this research to better serve their needs.

Implement Cookies on Your Website

Don’t forget to take advantage of data that can be gathered off your website! It’s a common practice to use cookies to track what your customers’ habits are online so you can get a better idea of their preferences and shopping tendencies. Adding cookies to your website will give you fantastic data that you can extract other details from later!

Treat a Current Customer as a Buyer Persona

When you create your buyer persona pages, check them against the personas of current customers you have that fit within your target audience. You can easily accomplish this by finding that customer’s social media pages and using the information from their posts to gauge how accurate your profile is. Try using a few current customers to make sure you’re not working with an outlier or exception.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Deep

The more questions and demographics you add to your buyer persona, the more accurate your sales pitch and copy will be when you use the persona later on. Don’t be afraid to go deep and really examine the heart of your customers’ shopping habits. This includes examining their motivations. If you understand what motivates them to buy your products, you’ll also be able to better address any concerns they may have with making a purchase. All of this information will help you when it comes to making more sales!

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